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Interesting Way Of Phrasing It...

So, I was looking through the terms and conditions for a gift card (because I’m cool like that…) and noticed this:

This card has no expiry date and no activation, non-usage, service or other fees will apply unless permitted by law

So… there are no fees, unless such fees are permitted by law. That’s a pretty interesting way of phrasing that. That makes that clause entirely uninformative, and requires you the consumer to go searching for relevant legislation in order to determine whether or not, in fact, there are fees for the card. The way they said it is just incredible.

“Terms and Conditions” usually have some real gems in them - I read most of the Bell Cell Phone terms and conditions over the summer (god it’s a long document). If you’re signed up with a three year contract, written into the contract is that they have the right to change ANY ASPECT of a plan, with the sole exception of the number of voice minutes. So, that ultra-deluxe plan with the unlimited data, text messaging, free ring tones, and the girl who gives you the free massage once a week? They could take that all away and it would be ENTIRELY PERMITTED within the contract. Of course, the real kicker is that the contract remains binding upon you - if they change something and turn the plan into crap, you’re still locked in for the entire duration of the contract and subject to early termination fees. It’s just incredible!