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Syncronized US Presidential Debates

Sometimes, it’s cool seeing what comes from the US political debates - they spend so much more time and money on the process, and there’re so many more people that live in the country, you get some pretty interesting outcomes:

EDIT: Embed didn’t work. Video linked HERE

Yeah, admittedly, a lot of the big synchronizations are on numbers - but they had three debates! I thought the idea was to cover a broad swath of issues. It sounds like they addressed a lot of different issues with the same lines and identical points (probably moreso then this video suggests, since if they used different words it wouldn’t synchronize well, and so wouldn’t show in the video).

So we’ve got Dion; a guy who doesn’t present well and his party has basically been hiding, who’s had some major faux pas when it comes to interviews. Then there’s Palin, who has only been allowed a few unscripted interfaces with the press, and who’s made a fool of herself basically every time. We have GOT to get these two kids together if for no other reason then so John Stewart’s kids will have some great material once Dion and Palin’s children grow up.