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Speed Cameras = Good For Young People?

Saw this article from the UK. It’s talking about people charged with speeding by speed cameras; comparing the “pre-speed camera” rate of charges to “post speed camera” charges.

It found that the number of men aged 60 and over receiving penalty points for speeding increased by 540 per cent between those periods. Among women aged 60 and over, there was a 1,200 per cent rise, though starting from a very low base.

By contrast the number of drivers under 25 being caught for speeding grew by only 18 per cent.

These are some pretty striking numbers. Speed cameras can only measure one thing - speed. They can’t measure safety or age or how cute the blonde is. All they do is measure speed and issue tickets.

These numbers seem to indicate that women 60 and over are stopped and charged 12 times LESS then they ought to be, and that men 60 and over are stopped 5 times less.

In comparison, there’s only a 20% increase in young drivers being charged.

So, maybe young drivers aren’t so bad after all, but in fact police just charge them more than they charge any other group (perhaps up to 12 times as much as some other groups…).