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France's Response to No One Liking Print

The government in France has decided to support their print industry with subsidies.

I’m not really convinced that that’s the way to go to “save the print industry”; but I think they’ve got at least one measure legitimately correct - all French teenagers, on their 18th birthday, get a free newspaper subscription for a year. How else are you going to get the next generation interested in print journalism, but by showing the next generation how good it can be?

Of course, I just realized that this could spur a “race to the bottom”, with the inclusion of prizes and freebees to encourage people to subscribe to their paper - sort of like cereal box crap but for 18 year olds. (Of course, the other way it could go would be to start seeing legitimate media actually pay attention to the issues that affect young citizens, which would be kind of awesome).

So… race to the bottom, or new age of enlightenment?