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Worst Video Game Story In Quite Some Time

Seriously, man. How does that even get on the news?

Let’s put aside hearing what you want to hear, and put aside the obvious fact that a sound sample could be used in multiple places (as was apparently the case here), and we’ll put aside the fact that there’s apparently one woman out there whose sole occupation is finding pro-muslim-mind-warping-children’s-toys (Next week’s headline: Line from story book is anagram for “Muslim die pro love satin”… because I’m sure in her mind members of Islam can’t spell…)

Putting all that aside!

What an incredible misunderstanding of how the gaming industry actually works! You called up Nintendo, they said they didn’t make the damn thing, and then you use the fact that it was “licensed by them” as damning proof of their guilt! That sounds akin to calling up the NASDAQ every time a financial scandal happens - “Why would you engage in illegitimate transactions?” “Look lady, we’re a stock exchange! Leave us alone!”

How long will the media get a “free pass” on gaming and technology issues? I’m sure Nintendo explained exactly how things worked to them - but they entirely refused to do a Google search for the actual publisher and call them up.