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Experiments in Sprouts

I’m working on growing my own sprouts.

This is where they’re at after a day:



Look kinda neat!

P.S. - You eat them when they’re done. Need to see how that goes…


Here’s just a part of the harvest, 4 short days later. The actual harvest basically filled the entire jar - I was amazed that it could grow so much so fast!

I also looked up some pricing. A container of alfalfa sprouts (probably the same size as the container in this picture; about 3/4 of my harvest) costs $2. I used a jar I already had, a ring with a strainer on top ($2.50) and two tablespoons out of a bag of seeds (the whole bag was $2.00; I’ll probably get 5 harvests out of it). So, the whole jar probably cost me 40 cents in raw materials.