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Update: UW Maintainance

Well, controversy aside, the front door still doesn’t lock right, one week after I sent the maintainance request.

The much-vaunted security of residence buildings around here appears to be lacking in substance.

This frustrates me to an uncomfortable, and perhaps surprising, degree. Probably because if anything goes missing it will be blamed on us; and because last term we must’ve had a half-dozen meetings about someone wedging a door open. It’s easy to push the dons to give us the stern-talking-to-and-shaming-us approach; it’s hard to actually fix problems.

I guess I’ve just got to work on trying to let my apathy kick in. I’m pretty sure that even a well-intentioned push for change will still be seen as bitching and moaning; or I’ll just be given the run-around since it’s “Somebody Else’s Problem” like everything else I’ve tried to do at Waterloo. I’ll hardly be rewarded for my concern and vigilance.

EDIT: Supposedly they were up to fix it immediately; as soon as they had heard. Maybe I was just there at the wrong place and the wrong time? (twice?) I guess it gets confusing around here too, since the coordinator has his office in the building and he has a habit of unlocking doors so that outside visitors can come in and see him, without him having to go meet them. In which case, the door was FUNCTIONING correctly, it was merely set to mimic an incorrectly functioning door.