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Most Unappealing Product Ever?

Deep inside a food manufacturing company…

Manager: “Hey, you know that cheese in a jar stuff? I think they call it…” Lawyer: “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Don’t say it!” Manager: “Don’t say what? Cheese W…” Lawyer: “I don’t make the rules - I’m just here to be paranoid about ‘em” Manager: “Well, what will we call it, then? We need something that says, ‘straight from your childhood; but tasty and cheaper’… maybe we can get ‘organic’ in there somewhere?” Marketing Douche: “No worries man, I’ve got the perfect name - whimsical but grounded; edgy but familiar.” Manager: “Allright, get it to me for approvals by Friday” Marketing Douche: “No way man! Art takes fucking time, there’s no way I can go through the approvals process - I’ll submit it directly to the manufacturer” Manager: “Allright, there’s no way this can possibly go wrong”


It’s got all the flair of an industrial park; including all the reminders of its entirely artificial qualities.