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Figured Out Hopscotch

Finally figured out how the rock worked in hopscotch.

I always thought that you’d throw the rock, then have to hopscotch TO the rock; and if you succeeded in that task… something happened. Never really figured it out.

Of course, the challenge then became drawing absurdly-long hopscotch boards so that when you threw the rock it didn’t go all the way off the end (it also gave one a socially acceptable excuse to hurl a rock as far as you physically could). A fun game? Sure… but the finer points of the rules never really got ironed out.

So, apparently the ACTUAL point of the rock is that you throw the rock onto one of the hopscotch positions. You then jump on one leg through all the spaces, EXCEPT for the one with the rock (The rock is an obstacle!) Then, once you reach the end, you turn around and come back. On the way back, you must pick up the rock from its position and hopscotch in the space where it was previously located.

The largest challenge, then, becomes rock-retrieval (bending over while on one leg is a bit tricky, for sure).

Well, glad I’m able to check that one off my “WTF?” list.