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Nintendo 3DS and the 3D Quarrel

So, I haven’t been on here in ages. I was teaching more than a full teaching load on my one practicum (including a physics course, which meant I had to prep demos and mark labs).

Now, I’m working at our old stomping ground in their Alternative Education program, and it is a lot more one-on-one help with students and less extensive lesson planning. The freedom is savoury.

Anyway, Nintendo recently announced a new handheld is on the way - the Nintendo 3DS will provide 3D (yes, the Cameron-3D) on a handheld system.

I’d post a link to a news site but they tend to say less about the handheld than I have. There is very little information so far, because the big announcement is supposed to come around E3. Still, the reveal of integrating 3D technology into a handheld is worrisome. Don’t people remember the Virtual Boy?

This allows me to address Liam’s month old question about my dislike of 3D. In the comments of the last post, Andrew pointed out that UP was in 3D in theatres. I saw UP. I loved UP. I wept like a little (albeit hairy) girl during UP. But I barely noticed the 3D aspect of the film except for when my eyes started to hurt and I had to move the glasses to rub my eyes.

I do not like 3D for a number of reasons. Some are selfish, others are not. The primary reason relates to the integrity of your sight. People keep talking (or whispering) about how 3D movies - which cause your eyes to focus unnaturally on non-existent objects and perceive depth where it doesn’t exist - can cause eye strain in people who are fairly young. Apparently, the risk is minimized as you age because your eyes become “set in their ways” and are less susceptible to damage. I’d rather not have all media come in an eye strain causing format.

Another reason (and this is the selfish one) relates to my own eye sight. The part of your eye that refocuses when you switch from looking near to looking far is broken in my eyes. Whenever I spend a lot of time reading, and then get up to walk around, I cannot see well at all because my eyes take a good three minutes to refocus. After any final exam at UW, I stumble out of the PAC blind. 3D movies tend to be just frustratingly annoying if I can perceive the effect at all (otherwise, stuff is just kind of blurred constantly). 3D just doesn’t work for me, and I think it would suck if all television, movies, and now video games began to drift towards a presentation style that I am largely unable to view with clarity.

More importantly, I just don’t want the price on everything to sky rocket for this novelty 3D. If there is a time when 3D holograms like Cortana appear in the room around the viewer as they act out scenes in the movie, I could consider being in favour of that type of 3D film. When people have home entertainment rooms with projectors that display detailed 3D images, I could support that. The technology as it stands is just crude, and I cannot believe companies are designing high definition televisions with 3D capabilities. I also hate how most big movies in theatres are also in 3D now.

This post is probably nonsensical (I haven’t written anything in weeks and weeks, and when I have, it is always about teaching). To sum it up, I dislike how it strains your eyes, I dislike how my eyes are non-compatible with 3D films, I dislike the price increases that follow the technology, and I dislike how crude and trivial the technology is. The movie industry is slowly gearing up with their own Virtual Boy, which turned out to be a joke of a product for Nintendo. But it didn’t cost thousands of dollars like a 50” 3D television would.

I feel the technology is overrated and unnecessary for enjoyment of a movie.

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