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Media outlets have been buzzing about this Casey Anthony trial and the surprising “Not Guilty” verdict. To summarize, Casey Anthony had a two year old daughter - Caylee Anthony - who had gone missing for about a month before her mother reported her as missing to the police. During the period of time where her daughter was missing in action, Casey Anthony demonstrated no concern, and was frequently out partying and “living it up”. Caylee Anthony’s body was found with duct tape across her face - badly decomposed. There was evidence that she was chloroformed. Her mother was suspected due to the fact that she lied about her daughter’s whereabouts and claimed that the girl was with a nanny (who turned out not to exist). She was charged with the murder of her daughter, lying to police, and a handful of other charges (I think there were about 8).

In the end, a jury of her peers only found her guilty on four counts of lying to police officers during the investigation of her daughter’s whereabouts. It seems a bit fishy. Casey Anthony stinks to high heaven of guilt and everything surrounding this case makes her come across as the likely murderer of her daughter. But she has been found “not guilty”.

Now, I am not going to complain about how the verdict was reached. A lot of people have been slamming the jury over this, but - from the sounds of things - the prosecution didn’t properly establish guilt. In fact, I don’t even believe I have heard the cause of death properly reported, which makes it seem like there are a lot of holes in the whole story. No matter how much the public may want to crucify this woman, I think the jury would have been completely dishonest had they found her guilty based on the evidence provided.

One thing that bothers me greatly is the fact that the prosecution overreached. It seems as if they had gone for a more minor child neglect charge they could have locked her up. If we assume that Casey Anthony did not in fact kill her daughter, does it not stand to reason that she is - at the very least - guilty of some very serious child neglect (not necessarily abuse, but neglect). To have a child missing for 30 days and fail to act is disgusting. More importantly, when her parents were looking into the whereabouts of Caylee or asking to see her, she deliberately misled them with all these fanciful stories about a “nanny”. Now, even if she was not successfully charged with murder, I cannot fathom how she is able to walk out of prison in 6 days with time served after being such a negligent mother. It isn’t like she was a parent whose daughter was abducted after school or something. Those parents are victims just as much as their children. But Casey Anthony knew that her child was missing and went about having the time of her life!

Something is seriously wrong there…and the fact that there are talks about a reality show and a book deal is disgusting.

I just hope that this petition to create a “Caylee’s Law” which will make failing to report your child missing after 10 days a felony. I don’t believe that she should be able to walk away from this thing completely unscathed.

Thoughts on the matter? Leave them in the comment.

Afterword: The title here is actually a quote from some broadcaster in the States. It was her reaction when she heard the verdict.

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