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Work is Slow (Math Guy Challenge Problems)

My summer job has been surprisingly slow. They have given me a lot of work during my time here, but I finish it all really quickly. I even double check everything that I do for accuracy, and I still have loads of free time. I’ve solicited my colleagues for extra work, but they either appear to have nothing for me or are unwilling to share the duties that they believe must be theirs alone.

So, in my spare time, I’ve taken to playing a bit of Minecraft (on occasion) and thinking up challenging math problems that I’ll be able to use when I start teaching in the Fall. If my downtime persists as it has already, I may have a challenge problem for each grade that I teach during each week of class.

If you feel so inclined (and I understand that most people who view this – except Katie – are not interested in mathematics), check it out by clicking “Math Guy Problems” in the menu bar.

I have so much fun making up problems! Cheers folks. :)

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